Time To Wing It

Image Credit to Film Takeout

As I’m sure you noticed (or probably did not notice considering how few readers I have) this blog hasn’t been updated since December. A large part of why I’ve not posted is that I’ve had other obligations, obligations that meant that I didn’t write much the last few months, and obligations that guaranteed that what little writing I did was mostly worthless.

However, another major factor in why I haven’t written anything for this site is that when I did find the time to sit down and type, I didn’t know what to say. My mission when I started the blog was to review whatever new movie or TV show came out that allowed me to offer compelling insight into the medium of cinema. But, with my scheduling conflicts, I couldn’t find a way to craft these critiques in a timely enough manner. As a result, I often thought about changing the blog’s mission; instead of focusing on new movies, I wondered if I could focus on older cinema from a specific time period or the works of a few directors. Sadly, I found that my viewing habits simply don’t work in such a structured way. I like to watch anything from anywhere and any time period, which means that devoting this blog to one form of cinema or the other would be impossible.

That brings us to today, to this post, and to what my future plans are with this space. I want to write, and my schedule is a bit freer (at least for now) than it was in the past, so I plan to do that. The question is: what will I write on? Certainly, there will be pieces on new movies and TV, but even with a more relaxed schedule, I know that I can’t provide enough content on just new stuff for this blog to be satisfying. With that in mind, and taking into consideration that I watch a ton of random stuff, I’ve decided to just wing it.

Yes, that’s right! I’m going to write on whatever I want. This means that if I experience a show, a movie, another work of art, or any aspect of culture (like sports) and find that I have something insightful to say about it, I’ll say it. It doesn’t matter if what I’m talking about is new, popular, or of general interest, if I want to publish something on it, I will. Doing so will finally give this blog a reasonable amount of content and, I hope, it will provide you with what you find to be entertaining and insightful writing.


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